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Skytracker Promotional Searchlights are perfect for any event you want to draw attention to. Great for special sales, promotions, and grand openings. No other advertising medium can generate the impact of having over a billion candle power sweeping the night sky to focus the attention only on you.


Create a Hollywood premiere atmosphere to make any event more special - charity events, sporting events, graduations, proms, parties, and more. 

Four rotating 2000 watt xenon beams add motion and excitement to your event. Trailer mounted with its own Whisperwatt  generator, this system is a self-contained and ready to fire within minutes of arrival. 

Rental rate is $100/hr, plus cost of delivery & pickup, to & from your location.


Please inquire for availability and formal quotes.

Use the link below to find the sunset times near you to get the most out of your rental. 

Sunrise/Sunset Calculator

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